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transcosmos Korea provides a comprehensive service from the establishment to the development, operation, and verification of client’s website strategy.
transcosmos Korea also provides one-stop support for mobile web and app to cope with smart devices.


Web Development Total Service

  • Provides one-stop support for the establishment, development, operation, and verification of the website strategy in response to multiple devices
  • Interworks with internet promotion, SNS, smart phone application, social media, etc.
  • Rich system development knowhow specialized for web development
  • Applies planning, design, and development reflecting the latest trend and technology


  • Provides one-stop support for mobile app and application planning, production, development, and operation services for smart devices such as smart phone and tablet
  • The team specializing in the development of smart device applications plans and develops applications perfectly fitting the client’s needs (for iOS and Android)
  • Develops high quality mobile web and application based on extensive experience in planning and developing websites
  • Supports the registration in the Market Place and App Store according to customer’s request
  • Selects major contents from the existing website and reorganizes them to cope with mobile/app

Operation and Maintenance

  • Surveys and analyzes the operational condition of customer sites and suggests the optimum operating scheme
  • Develops communication method and operating system based on client’s needs
  • Conducts operational and gradual improvement projects