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Talent dispatch

This is the service which supports flexible management of the company by providing people specialized for each area equipped with high degree of expertise and knowledge as well as technical skills capable of coping with a variety of requests of the company and ensuring efficient business support and manpower operation for the company


Type of Operations Workers Can be Dispatched

Operations to which workers can be dispatched regardless of the reason
32 jobs specified by the Presidential Decree and considered appropriate in terms of professional knowledge, skills, experience, or characteristics of jobs excluding direct production process in the manufacturing industry
Operations due to vacancy or temporary reasons
When there is a vacancy due to childbirth, disease, or injury or all jobs that need to secure manpower temporarily or intermittently
Operations that workers cannot be dispatched
10 jobs including the ones taking place in the construction site

Service area

Section Content
Call Center Dispatch Contact Center Agent (CSR, TSR)
Dispatch Contact Center Quality Management (QAA)
Dispatch Contact Center Team management (SV [Supervisor], Manager)
Dispatch Contact Center training Management (Trainer)
Office Work Office Work (Document, Report, Proposal, Data collects)
HR (Payroll, Bonus, Pension, Insurance, Year-end tax adjustment)
Support work(Certification, Document, Benefit package, equipment)
Facility and Secretary (Help desk, Consulting and Support, Call-in help desk)
IT technical support Operator (System and Maintenance)
Help desk (Tech Support)
Program development (C, C+, Java, Oracle, Linux, ERP)
Etc. Business Service (Sales, Product Introduction, Inventory)
Various of knowledge for the clients and Dispatch Expert