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Solution Service

PowerFrontCRM developed on the basis of knowhow of operating the contact center for years is a product specialized in customer counseling business in the public and private contact center area.
It is a contact center-specialized solution in which the knowhow accumulated in the past by performing similar projects of public agencies and private enterprises in Korea


PowerFrontCRM is composed of modules such as Customer Counseling, My Info, User Administration, Maintenance of Counseling Materials, Monitoring, System Management, Statistics, and Reports, and provides optimal counseling environment through linkage to channels such as CTI Middleware, IVR, tape-recording, fax, e-mail, SMS and homepage.

PowerFrontCRM was developed on the basis of the framework self-developed by Transcosmos, and, as a web-based solution, it is a product which satisfies various needs of customers and can be customized in accordance with relevant business.

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As PowerFrontCRM developed on the basis of knowhow of operating the customer support contact center is a web-based solution, it may be the most appropriate solution for domestic company environment, which can get access to customer services more efficiently and economically, and has the following characteristics.

Diversification of Channel-linked Modules
It has secured the stability of channel linkage through modularization for linkage to various channels
(CTI, fax, tape-recording, IVR, SMS, e-mail, etc.) for the contact center applications.
Reinforcement of Searching Counseling Knowledge
- It Supports various search modes such as keyword search, content search and title search for counseling materials
   including standard counseling cases, model counseling cases, and Q&A.
- It is possible to construct various counseling materials through application of the process for model cases.
Securement of Stability through Application Security Reinforcement
- Securement of stability through application security check and supplementation of unprepared items from the security
  company (simulated hacking method)
- Introduction and operation of the application security policy appropriate for certification from International Standard
  Information Security Management System (ISO 27001)
Administration of Rights of Access to Programs
It provides administration of levels of program users and administration of rights of access to programs for each menu according to such levels

Main Functions

The functions of PowerFrontCRM are configured organically to each other and conveniently to provide such functions to specialized customer centers as each function is composed as a module unit.
Each function is configured to administer rights of access to programs for each user through administration of manager’s right and programs.

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