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SNS Marketing · Operation

transcosmos Korea supports integrated marketing by combining extensive knowhow and the latest advertisement technologies and also using internet advertisement, web production, and SNS.


Consulting Service

  • Develop from marketing plan to SNS marketing, and its process to operation
  • Content develop, Application develop, operation and monitoring
  • Measuring the effectiveness documentation
  • Customized Guideline Development

Operation and Monitoring Service

  • Content development for SNS talented sources, registration and monitoring
  • Customer inquiry and comment management
  • Arouse customer interest and maintain friendly relationship
  • Support active CRM with call center and FAQ

Marketing Promotion

  • Suggest the very best promotion and operation based on Customer Marketing strategy and the purpose of SNS application
  • Spread effectively at reasonable expenses with the fusion of different styles of campaign, application and advertisements

Research · Analysis

  • Analyze collected VOC(Voice of Customer) data from SNS
  • Provide analyses result to Customer and develop process in order to response effectively