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It is said that the customer’s response to outbound service is somewhere between 0.5 and 2.5 seconds. In order to conduct successful outbound service within 2.5 seconds, transcosmos Korea provides scientific test marketing service.

Sales service is about stimulating the customer’s purchasing sensitivities and call forth purchasing desires through the customer center to help sell various products and services. transcosmos Korea is combining sensitivity marketing in order to provide successful sales service. Sensitivity marketing is a very useful marketing technique that stimulates the customers purchasing sensitivities for invisible products and services through various communication methods.

Sales Process


Sales Service Component

Service Contents
Sales Call
  • Conduct customer sales for products/services
  • Cross Sales(additional product sales)
  • Up Sales(top product sales lead)
Sales Promotion Call Re-purchase leads for existing purchasing customers
Follow up Call after DM Opening promotion after DM and product purchase lead