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Online Advertising

Combines extensive knowhow and the latest advertisement techniques and uses internet advertisement, web production, and SNS to support integrated marketing.

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Media Advertising

  • Plans and implements the optimized internet advertisement, coping with the continuously evolving media, devices becoming more sophisticated, and advertisement techniques becoming more advanced.
  • Creative production based on the latest trends and business trends
  • Verifies advertisement effect for continuous improvement
  • Carries out various online/offline promotions with various media through tie-ups

Search Advertising

  • Provides advertisement platform in search portals such as NAVER, DAUM, NATE, and GOOGLE
  • Copes with the quickly emerging mobile advertisement
  • Stable bidding and operating processes
  • Suggestion of efficient keywords and effectiveness analysis

SNS Advertising

  • Connects SNS operation service and marketing and carries out promotion and event on SNS
  • Posts banners using SNS advertisement program
  • Pushes forward with blog and viral advertisement

Operation · Service analysis

  • Conducts analysis using various log analysis tools including Google Analytics
  • Provides monthly report on advertisement effect
  • Analyzes website and application logs and establishes and implements improvement measures