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Offline Service

We support various field operations from sales to supporting operation and carrying out events. We are capable of various tasks from sales to customer relations, product description, sales contract, and sales promotion

Sales Promotion & Support

Cosmetic field
transcosmos Korea provides the service of product description at all departments, discount store, and also store management and campaign. transcosmos Korea is aggressively coping with the requirement of the customer in order to increase of sales and image improvement
Electronic field
transcosmos Korea provides variety of work from sales of product, product description and store management by assigning professional and experienced manpower for the major store sold TV, Computer, camera and electronic products
Jewelry field
trasncosmos Korea assigns appropriate manpower to meet image and requirement of the client by operating CS education, and also make an effort to provide the best service consistently at the store

Medical field

Continuous CS education to contribute to enterprise productivity by securing professional manpower equipped with field certification and type of business

Medical field
transcosmos Korea supports professional medical service by selecting qualified and experienced manpower in nursing facilities through the channel of expertise, and also contribute to increase of quality service of medical institution.
Facilities Management field
transcosmos Korea provides CS education by selecting manpower equipped with the knowledge of facilities management, and cultivate to be qualified candidate in place
Distribution field
transcosmos Korea offers low cost in dealing with sales target by providing specialized manpower