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Marketing Research

A systematic preliminary marketing survey is needed to conduct effective marketing and campaign of companies.

마케팅 사전조사

Transcosmos provides a service for surveying customer satisfaction and a mystery shopping service figuring out the company’s strength and weakness compared to those of its competitors based on experiences of marketing survey for years acquired through business cooperation with a company specializing in marketing research. Besides, Transcosmos also supports performance of successful marketing and campaign of companies as it provides extensive marketing research services in overall marketing area.

A marketing research via telephone enables highly precise surveys by using a random digit dialing (RDD) technique, and at the same time, it has advantage of speed, widespread survey areas and low expenses. Transcosmos is further improving accuracy and efficiency of surveys through the MORS (MoshiMoshiHotline Random Sampling) technique self-developed by the head office in Japan.

Marketing research service component

Service Content
Bench markeing
  • Conduct surveys on the actual situation of CRM operation of other companies
  • Conduct surveys on the market trends / trends of competitors
Marketing reserch
  • Consumer survey: conduct surveys on buying motives of consumers/consumer targets, surveys on consumption types, surveys on lifestyles, and surveys on market segmentation
  • Market survey: conduct surveys on competitors and market size for environmental/market analysis, distribution surveys, surveys on demand forecasting, surveys on company images, and surveys on social/cultural environment
  • Survey on advertising effect: surveys on concept of advertisement for advertisement design, tests on tentative advertisement program, surveys on advertising effect, surveys on acceptance by media, and surveys on effect of advertisement and campaign
CS/ES Survey
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Employee satisfaction survey
Mystery Survey Contact Center Service Level survey