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transcosmos Korea’s inbound service consists of Customer Support and Technical Support. Furthermore, the company generally provides inbound service that satisfies company requirements.

Technical support service is about quickly and accurately responding to inquiries and claims related to computer hardware/software operation methods, error/recovery and other technical related inquiries, Post-Sales, and other various technical problems.
By providing service that relies on a systematic process, transcosmos Korea helps improve task efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Technical Support Process


Technical Support Service Components

Service Contents
Customer Inquiry
  • Technical support and help desk for computers, peripherals, internet/service, etc.
  • Construct a technical information database and customer FAQ service.
  • Linkage with website and response to technical inquiries through e-mail.
Customer Support
  • Repair request and A/S inquiry response for computers, home appliances, defective products, etc.
  • Service membership registration/change service