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Direct Mail

transcosmos Korea’s successful execution skill has led to expanding its domain to Direct Mail. transcosmos Korea provides an integrated DM Outsourcing Service, which includes DM counseling and design consisting of the printing/sealing/mailing process in order to maximize customer satisfaction.
Additionally, the company provides personalized service through its POD (Print On Demand) service, which uses the company’s unique printing/matching/binding techniques to produce the best personalized books for small orders.


history 100% of repeat contract since started its business in 2008

10transcosmos Korea Security Printing System with S security
05Export mail in the 1st of DM industry
05Contract with S card company
05FSC certified in the same of DM industry
12The 1st ISO 27001 certified in the same of DM industry
10Contract with A insurance company
05Contract with K car and H car company
04Contract with L life insurance
12Contract with W life insurance company
11Patent customer inventory and printing confirmation system
10Contract with S security company
03Contract with M car company
09Contract with H mart
08Changed the company name as transcosmos Korea
(merged with CIS and Inwoo)
06Contract with H security company and HP mart
05Contract with S life insurance company
04Contract with H home shopping
03Contract with H fire insurance company
12Contract with M life insurance company
08Contract with D security company
07Contract with D life insurance company
06Direct Mail business starts, Seongnam DM center opens