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Consulting Service

Transcosmos provides a customer center service interacting with customers as a solution for reinforcement of customer values as the corporate environment is changing from scale-centeredness to customer-centeredness.



Consulting Service Component

Service Content
Improvement Service
  • Analyze productivity KPI items
  • Benchmark competitors’ productivity
  • Analyze goals and appropriate productivity by agents
  • Analyze improvement point by KPI
  • Develop productivity improvement program
  • Develop productivity management promotion
Call Quality
Improvement Service
  • Analyze contact center quality KPI
  • Benchmark competitors’ call quality
  • Analyze customer center quality goals
  • Analyze goals and appropriate call handling level by agent
  • Develop quality improvement program
  • Develop quality management promotion
People Management
  • Analyze and set-up target turnover rate
  • Develop attrition management point
  • Conduct required headcount simulation through call volume forecast
  • Develop attrition improvement promotion