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Customer Information Management

We provide highly stable and reliable outsourcing service

TCK Information Security

transcosmos engea has acquired ISO 27001, the international information security management system and we are running the information security center applying the methodology.
At the information security center, we prevent the leaking of private information by exercising and performing security education, security evaluation, PC security, system security, access security, DB encryption and complying with the information security laws. Through such information security activities, we offer a stable and safe contact center/call center outsourcingservice.

Customer Information Management

Introduction to ISO/IEC 27001

Customer Information Management

ISO/IEC 27001 is an Information Security Management System standard established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electro technical Commission (IEC) and the most authoritative international certification, that requires thorough evaluation and investigation on 113 items of 11 fields including the information security policy, risk analysis, security evaluation, IT security, access security, access control and so on.

This requires that management systematically examine the major information security activities including the review of management, risk analysis, effectiveness analysis, tailorability measure, internal audit based on P-D-C-A model (Plan-Do-Check-Act) and protect and secure the confidential information in accordance of three elements of information security, which are confidentiality, integrity and availability.

transcosmos Korea has achieved and maintain ISO/IEC 27001 certification in 2008, for the very first time in the domestic contact center / call center outsourcing fields to protect the customer's information and we are fully dedicated to complying with customer company's information security regulations and laws, especially the private information protection law, related to the leaking of private information that has become a social issue.